Mike Cheng

I am a real estate developer dedicated to raising the living standards for Greater Flushing residents, commuters, and visitors.

I view real estate as a means to funnel wealth back into sustainable community growth and development. I am determined to spend the next several decades working to improve the quality of life and living standards for Greater Flushing residents, commuters, and visitors.

Why my fixation on social responsibility? Read ahead.

Formative Years: High School Near-Death Experience

It was 1996. I woke up from an eight day-long coma with eleven fractured ribs, lung and kidney contusions, and a broken pelvis. Parts of my face had been sewn back on. Doctors remarked how lucky I was to have survived the car accident. I was fifteen years old. Six months after hospitalization, surgeons in Karlsruhe, Germany realigned my neck. The doctors re-broke the affected bones, then attached metal screws to reposition my neck bones (odontoid in particular). After three months, doctors surgically removed the metal screws. I felt thankful—am still in shock, even!—that I could continue and finish high school at almost 85% normalcy.

My "American Dream" = Discovering A Life with Purpose

At present day, neck pains and back complications sometimes remind me of having survived the car accident. With each reminder, my sense of urgency to lead an "impactful" life grows. With my God-given second chance, I wish to serve my community. We can credit a lot of my drive to help others to snippets of wisdom from seasoned industry mentors, high-intensity morning workouts, guided meditation rituals, unconditional support from family and friends, motivational coaches, and a nascent yet ever-growing faith in Jesus Christ. But, my desire to help others is rooted in words from my maternal grandfather. Grandfather often reminded me, “You have more resources and talent than most people....[Being] American certainly helps with your chances at success... "But, Michael. When you become successful, you must help others as well...Give back to your nation by work[ing] towards...peace" in your chosen communities."

Values I Hold Dearest

Like most real estate developers, I appreciate how authenticity and integrity serve as the pillars of trust for working with community stakeholders, investors, and ranges of business networks. Rewarding though development work may be, the path presents obstacles such as opportunities that, because lucrative, are all-too-easily taken while overlooking the mid- and long-term impact to the community at large. To overlook the finer details and implications of development projects is dangerously close to abandoning my internal code of ethics. To forsake our community’s shared duty of social responsibility.

My View of Tomorrow is One Where Flushing:

- has sold its city-owned air-rights to generate $1B used for infrastructure improvements; - debuts in a Top 20 list of best cities to work, reside, and play; - presents businesses with more affordable commercial rent; - conjures up memories of bright and clean streets; - presents orderly and attractive plaza and green spaces in the downtown area;
- remains a top pick for businesses to locally invest in, thereby creating more jobs;
- provides homes for the homeless; and - is once again home of the World’s Fair.


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Flushing, Queens
New York, USA

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